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23 Responses to Create a Basic Webbrowser with Python GTK and Webkit – Linux

  1. THENVPB77 says:

    With linux i had no problems getting the needed modules , but with mac (10.6) i can’t get the necessary webkit… macports? versions aren’t helping, easy_install also not… Any ideas /suggestions?

  2. metalx1000 says:

    @HandicapableMusic: Guess you got it figured out. I’m? guessing you’re new to Python :) That’s common at first. It takes awhile to get use to having to indent.

  3. metalx1000 says:

    @LmfaoReviews: distro are you running? What package manger are you using? Did you search the repose? It might be a different version? of gtk on your system or called something else. I can’t help you without information.

  4. LmfaoReviews says:

    nvm i? forgot the install in apt-get

  5. LmfaoReviews says:

    it says ‘Invalid operation python-gtk2′?

  6. metalx1000 says:

    @LmfaoReviews: should be in your repose under “python-gtk2″. So, just search your package manager for it. If? you use Aptitude or apt-get just:
    aptitude install python-gtk2
    apt-get install python-gtk2

  7. LmfaoReviews says:

    how do? you get gtk?

  8. metalx1000 says:

    @cheatengine101: I’m not sure if I’ve made a video? on that or not. I do have a video on changing the “title” (I think it’s the same video on working with the address bar) but the icon thing is a GTK feature, not part of webkit.

  9. metalx1000 says:

    @cheatengine101: I have other video that go? into this issue more. Search my wordpress site in for “Webkit” and you’ll find it.

  10. metalx1000 says:

    @cheatengine101: Which Link are you referring to? The Link seem good to me.?

  11. metalx1000 says:

    @billo2310: No problem. Yeah, same here with the regex. Basically what I taught in the videos is what I know, and really I probably have forgotten what I taught in that? video. It’s one of those things that I’ll Google one day to learn how to do and find out that I already did a video on it. You have no clue how weird that is :)

  12. Bill Stocker says:

    duh..! I did try apt-get install webkit didn’t realise it was python-webkit..

    Thanks pal great help as usual,

    Awesome videos you’re the reason I use vim and your grep regex vids helped me no end with regex? (which is still mostly a mystery!)
    sure I’ll get it down one day

    cheers again.

  13. metalx1000 says:

    @billo2310: I don’t think it’s a path issue, I don’t? think you have the web module installed.

  14. metalx1000 says:

    @billo2310: sudo aptitude? install python-webkit

  15. Bill Stocker says:

    Issue importing webkit
    ” import gtk, webkit
    ImportError: No module named webkit ”

    any ideas I think path issue but any light shed would help a great deal!

    btw Debian based system?

  16. metalx1000 says:

    @Shadowsghost: There are other packages out there, but the people who are using are most likely advanced? users and if you just put a readme files with your script the should be able to figure out what they need to do.

    You can still make a standalone executable if you want. If you search my videos for the words “self extracting” I have 2 video on making a self extracting shell script. Which is what you are looking to do. But this method isn’t really good for mass distributing.

  17. metalx1000 says:

    @Shadowsghost: Now, there may? be some cases where you are going to be using modules outside of the standard pre-installed python setup. Example PyGame. Really if you are distributing a program you should package it. Most people are going to be using a Debian based system or a Red Hat based system. So, they if you made a DEB files or a RPM file you should be set. Made correctly the packages should pull down any dependences needed.

  18. metalx1000 says:

    @Shadowsghost: In Linux there is no need to make a stand alone executable. Making Stand Alone Executables is more for proprietary software. It really isn’t efferent. Python is already going to be installed on every major Linux Distro. So, if you made a stand alone executable you would basically be taking a python script that may be only? a few kilobytes and turning into a file that is quite a few Megabytes. You would be doubling up since python is most likely already installed.

  19. Shadowsghost says:

    I noticed, that my python related errors had something with a path to do. I was getting the same “path error” for every command I’d use. Wicd stopped working and etc etc. Will that path- /bin/usr/env python – change something in the system because I kinda started having issues after? that. I know it supposed to be the path to python so you can start via ./

  20. Shadowsghost says:

    Well, I always used py2exe in windows. In linux I heard about freeze and other stuff. I was talking about an entire Python distribution. I know that’s kinda stupid if I have a Linux OS but it would be awesome to install my application on other machines too. Well, I have Backtrack 5. When booting I saw something like 3.8…. near the backtrack 5 option if thats correct, I’d have to check? it again. I’m not getting any errors right now because I reinstalled.

  21. metalx1000 says:

    @Shadowsghost:? What type of stand alone executable were you trying to make? I really don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish. I’m also not sure if your last comment was sarcastic or not.

    I would like to help you if I can. What errors are you getting? What Distro are you running? What packages did you install that you think messed up your system?

  22. metalx1000 says:

    @Shadowsghost: I disagree and don’t know what you are did,? but installing stuff from the package manager should not screw up your system. What distro are you running and what did you do?

  23. Shadowsghost says:

    aight, I’m gonna? go through those tuts, thanks !

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